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Learn How to Change Your Gmail Password

12 April 2018

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Change Your Gmail Password

Change Gmail Password

Gmail is a free web based email client managed by Google. Gmail is a prominent player in the field of email services and has a large loyal user base. There are numerous user-friendly email features offered by Gmail for its users. It is important to change our email password often for security and privacy reasons. Gmail allows you to change email password with some easy steps. You can learn how to change your Gmail password by reading this article.
Follow Steps to Change Your Gmail Password

  • Open your browser and go to Gmail sign in page
  • Now sign in your Gmail account with username and password
  • Now go to Settings from right hand side of your inbox
  • Click on the Accounts and Import
  • Now tap on the change password link
  • Now you need to enter your Gmail password to verify your account
  • Enter your new password +Read More..

How to Sign in into Gmail

9 April 2018

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Sign in into Gmail

Sign in into Gmail

Gmail is by far the most popular and widely used email client in the world. It is managed by none other than Google, a trusted name in the Internet world. Gmail is free web based email service comes with lots of unique features. You can have a free account with Gmail and also have option for more premium business account.

Once you get an account with Gmail, you can access it from different devices like PC, android mobile or IOS mobile. In order to use Gmail, you first need to sign in your account. So if you don’t know how to sign in into Gmail, here we will discuss step by step for Web, Android and IOS

Steps to Sign in into Gmail

(1) Sign in into Gmail on the web

  • Open your browser and go to www.gmail.com
  • Click on the Sign in Button
  • Now +Read More..

How to Change the Password on a Laptop

6 April 2018

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Change the Password on a Laptop

Change the Password on a Laptop

The administrator password for your laptop is the main security feature against any unauthorized login and security breach. One needs to enter the password for making any change or accessing any data to the laptop. Therefore it is very important to have strong password and change it frequently. So the next question is how to change the password on laptop?  Here we will discuss the steps to change your password for both Windows and Mac laptop. You can follow the steps on your own and change the laptop password easily.

Steps to Change the Password on a Laptop

For Windows Laptop

  • Open your laptop with current password
  • Now from start menu, select User account icon and click Change account settings
  • Now click sign in option
  • Then tap on Change password option
  • Enter you new +Read More..