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How to Change the Password on a Laptop

6 April 2018

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Change the Password on a Laptop

Change the Password on a Laptop

The administrator password for your laptop is the main security feature against any unauthorized login and security breach. One needs to enter the password for making any change or accessing any data to the laptop. Therefore it is very important to have strong password and change it frequently. So the next question is how to change the password on laptop?  Here we will discuss the steps to change your password for both Windows and Mac laptop. You can follow the steps on your own and change the laptop password easily.

Steps to Change the Password on a Laptop

For Windows Laptop

  • Open your laptop with current password
  • Now from start menu, select User account icon and click Change account settings
  • Now click sign in option
  • Then tap on Change password option
  • Enter you new password and save

For Mac laptop

  • Log in to your Mac laptop with administrator password
  • Click Apple logo and then System preference
  • Click on Accounts
  • Now tap on Password and go to Administrator account
  • Click on Change password and enter your current password
  • Enter new password and click on Change password to save

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