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These days you do use printer of any brand for your personal and professional use. Printer is a technical machine and no matter how good your printer is, it is bound to create some technical problem sometime. But you don’t need to go insane when your printer has some technical issue. You can get online printer technical support for all issues. We have our technical experts who are well skilled and experienced in handling all kinds of technical problems with any printer of any brand. Thus you can get rid of all technical issues attached to your printer and enjoy using your printer.

Why need printer support technician

This question that why you need printer support technician, can be well answered by the fact that printer is a technical machine and it will have some technical problem sometime. Now majority of us are not technical expert and we need the help of technician. For this simple reason alone you need printer support technician. Printer support technician is an expert who knows A to Z about a printer and he can handle any issue that arises with any printer in the market. Technician understands whether it is software related issue or hardware related issue and accordingly he gives the solution.

How to install printer driver?

You can follow below steps to install printer driver on windows:

  • First you need to click Start and then click on ‘Device & printers’. Once you click this you get to the printers page.
  • Now you can find ‘Add a printer’ on the left corner and then click this option.
  • After that you see printer set up wizard which asks you ‘How do you want to install your printer’ with USB cable or wireless/network. Here you can select USB cable option.
  • Then select ‘Use an existing port’ option and then select ‘USB001/USB002 (virtual port for USB printer)’ and after that click on ‘Next’ button.
  • Now you can see windows built in drivers list in the next window. Now you can choose your printer make and model number drivers. After that click ‘Next’ to install it.

    This is how you have successfully installed your printer driver.

How to set up printer?

You can follow below steps to set up a printer:

  • First plug in the power cable of your printer and make sure it is turned on.
  • Then connect the included USB cable from the printer to the computer. If you have wireless printer then the process will be different.
  • After that locate Printer settings on your computer.  If you are using a Windows computer, then you will find it the Control Panel. In a Mac system, you will find them in System Preferences.
  • After that look for the option to Add a printer, and then follow the instructions that you see.
  • Now you can try printing something like a test page. Then you click the link, select File > Print from your web browser's menu, or simply press Ctrl+P on your keyboard or Command+P if you're on a Mac.
  • Now you will see a dialog box. You can locate and select the new printer from the list, then click Print.
  • Now the item will be printed.

How to reinstall or uninstall printer drivers?

You can follow below steps to reinstall or uninstall printer driver:

  1. First open the Print Server Properties dialog window. You can do it in one of the following ways:
    • You can click the Start menu and then type in printui /s /t2 in the search field and then press Enter or click it in the search list.
    • You can press WINDOWS-R on the keyboard to bring up the Run window, then type in printui /s /t2, and after that press Enter or click OK.
    • You can press the WINDOWS key on the keyboard to display the Start screen, then type in printui /s /t2, and after that cick it in the search list.
    • Now from the Start menu or the Start screen:
      1. You need Open Devices and Printers.
      2. Then select any printer and then at the top of the window click "Print server properties".
      3. Now click on the Drivers tab.
  2. If you have Windows XP systems:
    1. Click Start > Control Panel > Printers and Faxes.
    2. Click the File menu and choose "Server Properties."
    3. Click on the Drivers tab.
  3. Now you need to select the printer driver you wish to uninstall or reinstall.
  4. Now click the Remove button.
  5. Select "Remove driver and driver package" and click OK.

This is how you can reinstall or uninstall printer driver.

Printer technical support phone number

For any help you can call our printer technical support phone number.

The most effective method to Fix Installation Error with Printer

When you consider purchasing a printer, Printer has a wide range to satisfy your requirements. You can get a scope of printers. They have b/w printers, shading printer, laser printers, All-In-one printers and more choices. You can get another printer and begin printing. Before you take your first print, you have to introduce your printer with your PC.

When you are attempting to introduce printer to your PC, but got some error. Printer installation error are very normal. Actually, on the off chance that you will introduce printer on some other PC; you could get installation error.

How to fix installation error printer?

Before we, discover find the solution to fix this error, we have to comprehend the reason or conceivable causes. Why such error happened?

Reasons for installation error printer

  • The driver for printer is arranged broken or erroneously
  • The driver isn't good with your printer or Windows
  • The section of driver in the Windows registry is off base
  • The printer driver documents got ruined or tainted by some malware

When you get a error while installing printer on your PC; there must of any of these reasons. You can without much of a stretch fix it all alone. The primary thing you have to check after the installation error is, your printer ought to be perfect with your PC and working framework. The base framework setup should coordinate with your PC framework. When you are finished with checking the technical angles; you have to move to driver or printer's product.

Ventures to Install Printer Easily:

  • To start with interface the printer associated with PC and afterward open the Control Panel
  • From the Control Panel you have to double tap on the Printers or Printers and Fax symbol
  • From the Printers window, just tap on the Add a printer symbol
  • In the wake of following the above advances, you will get the Windows Printer Wizard, at that point tap on Next catch to begin the wizard
  • After that you have the alternative of introducing a Local or Network printer. You can choose according to your need and after that tap on Next catch
  • On the off chance that your Windows does not discover a Driver, peruse the printer's driver area from your neighborhood hard circle
  • Then click on it and follow the on-screen instructions
  • This will settle the blunder of printer installation

If you have any issues with the establishment of printer, Contact Printer Customer Support and service team for offer assistance.